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Jan 27, 2010 7:00pm EST
. >> despite what you just heard, a rejection of foreign troops by yemen's leaders, the "washington post" reports today that american military teams and intelligence agencies have been deeply involved in secrejoint operations with yemeni troops for the last six weeks. those troops have reportedly killed six of the 15 top leaders of the al qaeda affiliate in yemen. the post reports the operations involve several dozen troops from the u.s. military's clandestine command whose main mission sow tracking is killing suspected terrorists. the american advisers tonight take part in raids in yes, ma'am yep, but help plan missions, he will tactics and provided weapons and munitions. highly sensitive intelligence is being shared with yemeni forces. for more on the challenge of forces dealing with al qaeda and other problems, we're joined by a professor of near eastern studies. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> the "washington post," is saying the united states is deeply involved in secret military operations in yemen. according to your sources in yemen, how successful have these
Jan 27, 2010 5:30pm EST
, the "washington post" reportstoday that american military teams and intelligence agencies have been dely involv in secret joint operations wi yemeni trapsor the last six weeks. those trps have reportedly killed six of th 15 top laders the al qaeda affiliate in yemen. the post reports the operations unvolv severa den troops fm the use military's clandestine command whe main miion sow tracki is killing suspected trusts. the ameran advisers tonight take part in raids i yes, ma'am yep, but hem plan missions, he witactics and pvided weaponand unitions. high sensitivintelligence is being shared with yeme forces. for more on thehallengef fausz dealinwith alaeda and other problem, we're joined by a professor of near eastern studies. thanyou very much for joing . >> thank you. >> the "waington post," is saying the unitestates is deeply volved in secret military operaons in yen. according to your sources in yen, how scessful have these operations bee and what are th chances of al qaa being 'tis abld? >> the u.s. governmentas supported some elemts within the yemeniovernment to fight called called. in fact
Dec 31, 2009 7:00pm EST
on five american men arrested earlier this month in pakistan. they are muslims from the washington, d.c., area. and they were captured i pakistan. the five will appear at an anti-terrorist court next week. officials said they were certain the men wanted to carry out attacks in pakistan. they could face life in prison. >>> in europe there was a shooting rpage today in finland. police say a gunman dressed in black shot to death his former girlfriend and then killed four co-workers at a shopping mall. he was living in finland for several years, later took his own life. gun ownership is common in finland. there are more than a million and a half firearms in private hands. >>> switching gears now, here's a look at how financial markets performed around the world for all of 2009. >>> the end is here, the end of 2009, that is. with the new year's holiday at hand we have convened our panel for this week's roundtable discussion today. the last day of 2009. and we're going to depart from our usual practice and look at the broader issue -- america's role in the world, and the rise of the rest as
Jan 1, 2010 7:00pm EST
there. this is history. >> all right. thomas kline brockoff in washington, d.c., thank you very much for your insights. >> thank you. >>> with the passage of time, historic events like the fall of the wall become increasingly painted in broad strokes. often forgotten is that those events came about as a result of individual actions. 20 years ago perhaps no individual act was more significant than the decision by one east german border guard to be the first to open his checkpoint. roger cohen of "the new york times" has:h his story. >> reporter: herald yeager spent nearly three decades working at this border crossing. fic rushes by. 20 years ago it was a sealed crossing between east and west germany. yeager volunteered for the east goe german border police when he was 17. >> translator: at home i was brought up in the sense to believe that you also have to do something for the state you live in. >> reporter: the night of november 9th, 1989, was just another night on post. >> translator: i had just started. i had just gotten my sandwiches, got my pot of te i had placed them on the tabl
Jan 28, 2010 7:00pm EST
, become more competitive. >> you see, washington has been telling us to wait for decades. even if the problems have grown worse. meanwhile, china's not waiting to revamp its economy. germany is not waiting. india's not waiting. these nations are -- they're not standing still. these nations aren't playing for second place. they're putting more emphasis on math and science, they're rebuilding their infrastructure. they're making serious investments in clean energy, because they want those jobs. i do not accept second place for the united states of america. >> and that takes us to the final installment of our two-week long series that we call obama and the world. tonight our focus is china, and we're joined by adam seigel. a senior fellow in china studies at the council on foreign relations. and by john deluri, the associated director of the centers for u.s. china relations at the asia society right here in new york. gentlemen, welcome to the program, thank you for being with us. 100 years from now, is this going to be viewed as the period that china started to assume global supre
Jan 6, 2010 5:30pm EST
coeration with washington in the future. tell affair has certainly revealedhat jordan is more tive in ghanistan than previous igined. a revelati that has angered jordanian opposition groups. >> the jordanian constitution stipulat clearly defining e missions a assignments of the armed military forces. erefore sending jordania forc abroadoutside the framework ofefending jordanian national security on jordanian soil is considered a violation of the constitution. we can call this instant a double emarrassment. if i happen inny other respectae and democratic country, government thers would fa and colpse. >> reporter: a man has deni it had a role in the u.s. part in afghanistan. but they have a proven intelligenceecord and it was rdanian information that w theey behind the 2006 american capture of al qae leader abu musab zarqawi in iraq. presenting itself as a trusted s. ally in the fight against global extremism, jordan y have doneitself more harm thangood, following this latest incident. >> for more about the killing of th cia officers and american intelligence gatheringfforts in afgha
Jan 12, 2010 5:30pm EST
. >> all right. thank you very muc for joing us from washington. thank you ve much. >> security forces in iraq acting ojenls inrmation broke outhat they said was plot to blow up government buildings today. fohours, much of baghdad was locked down as surity forc arched cars and people. they said they seized almost 1,000ounds of elosives, as ll as dozens of explosive deces. the new yorkimes rerted that ateast fourand as many as ten suicide mbers were headed to vernment bldings when ty were stopped. two don people were arrested. >>> in afghanistan, the u.s. milita said today th 16 litants had been killed in two separate attacks by unmanned drone aircraft. they tklace in the major battleground of helmand prince ancould be a turning pnt in e tactics of the war. whildrones have been used wide across the border i pakistan, they have been mainly used for sveillance pposes in gas. unl yesterday's operions, theyere very few known attac in afghanian using drones. and we would also like to know what you think. tonight's question, ashe war in afghanistan calates, do you think the unit states should
Jan 14, 2010 5:30pm EST
washington, d.c.. >> my pleasure. >> and we uld also like to hear what you think. our question toght is what role suld the unit states play in building haiti? you can give us your opinion b going to the how yee it section of our website at >>> let' take a look at some other news from around the wod now, and fit wen in iran, where the funeral was held today for a scientist killed on tuesday in tehran. abou1,000 people atteed the funeral for a physi profeor wh supported th opposition, and who diedwhen a motorcycle rigged wh a bomb exploded outse his home. eyewitnesss said aut half of those at t funeral were oppositi members. iran's semiofficial news agency said they chaed what it called viant slogans. in pistan, another missile atck from an uanned u.s. dron targeted a former school where taliban leers were said toe meeting. it took place in the north waziristan area. intelligence officialsand militanttold the associated prs that masso tu d survived the attack. > chinagave its first official response todayfter google sa it wouldtop sensorg search results in cha and thaten to shu
Jan 25, 2010 5:30pm EST
.s. goverent says increasing troop levs in afghantan will improv security i the country. washington expec its partners to follow its example but the german government is joing otr allies in calling for a new sttegy. incling incentiveso encourage taliban fighters to leave the militants and join civil sociy. >> translator: n everyone fighting there is a rrorist. e leaders are. they're so blinded b ideologically rey hopeless. but the followers are the ones we have toreintegrate into society. >> reporter: advocates would have the money f these incentives pd in an internatiol fund but some experts say that would just encourage more rruption. >> tralator: what i recomnd inead is for the germ govement toirectly support projects on thground by providing them wi jobs and education. >> reporter: anoth idea being discussed is expanding traing progra for the afghan army and police fces so tey can oulder the security burden sooner the gean chancellor, cabinet ministers wille honing the gornment's stance on these issues befe the london coerence is due to convene on thursday. >> with that we continueur look
Jan 5, 2010 7:00pm EST
. however, the "washington post" reports today that senior yemeni officials are playing down the partnership, fearing that the government could pay a heavy political price for aligning itself with the united states and appearing too weak to control al qaeda by itself. the article says, while playing down the u.s. role seems designed to prevent a domestic backash, it also raises questions about the government's long-term commitment and will to fight al qaeda in the wake of the attempted bombing of the u.s. airliner on christmas day, analysts say. >>> even after the united states focuses on al qaeda in yemen, another threat from the terrorist group is emerging in the deserts of north africa. from al jazeera english reported from it from a newly declared al qaeda emirate. >> reporter: it is in front of bombs and rocket propelled grenades. an exclusive first look inside one of the capitals. it has been created recently as an offshoot of north africa's al qaeda. they are purported jurisdiction covering theast desert areas between mali, algeria an morocco. the aim according to the video. >> thanks
Jan 8, 2010 7:00pm EST
by the republicans. that was driving this week in washington. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. >>> finally, when that car incident involving golfer tiger woods happened in november, the way it was covered by one television station in taiwan drew attention. the station mailed a cartoon based on how it thought the incident unfolded. and that quickly led to a debate in the news business about whether in this case, technological innovation is promoting journalistic irresponsibility. we want to bring you that debate tonight with a story that caught our attention on the company that is making these cartoons. steve chow from al jazeera english on taiwan media wars. >> reporter: in the fast paced world of today's taiwan, it takes a lot to get people's attention. so with seven 24-hour channels vying for the viewers, you can imagine how it made for one of the most competitive and aggressive media environments in the world. how then does a newcomer from hong kong catch the eye of viewers? welcome to the age of animated news. millions recently went online to watch network's next media's t
Jan 19, 2010 7:00pm EST
in washington. welcome to you both. >> good to be with you. >> let's begin. it's been one year since president obama took office and i'm wondering, let me start with you. how do africans view his presidency so far? >> tremendous excitement and praise for africa's son being in the white house. but a lot of concern and trepidation. primarily because the policies really have not changed dramatically from bush to obama. clearly on the issue of u.s. militarism, there is a continuation of a u.s./africa command. there is still a steady flow o u.s. military equipment to the continent, weapons to the continent. on the issues of climate, africa is at the epicenter of climate change, and yet there is concern that the obama administration has not done all it can do to bring the international community to a deal in copenhagen and beyond copenhagen. and of course on the economic end, there is a sense that africa's resources are being extracted at all costs and that the people on the continent, those in communities on whose land resources lie, are still being marginalized, still being seen as invisible, even
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)